Create & Design

The workshop and studio are the Group’s and the Brands’ foundation. In this Parisian-based artistic lab, fabrics and spirits meet. Sketches take shape and become one-of-a-kind works of art.


Discern fashion trends and observe the free spirits composing our Society.
Bring ideas to life in skecthes to compose our collections.

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Pattern Maker

Give a tangible form to the stylist’s ideas on a mannequin and propose adjustments to submit a quality prototype.

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Fashion Engineer

Optimize the prototype’s quality, feasibility and durability to ensure perfect assembly.


Create & design aesthetic interiors and exteriors that tell a story and preperly manages the store concept, volumes, lights and materials to meet deadlines.

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Visual Merchandiser

Turn the story of a Brand into something tangible and experimental through a well-designed customer experience and convey know-how to retail teams.

Product Manager

Build a collection plan by staying in tune with market changes and find the best price-quality combinations.

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Our Brands’ creative hub is based in Paris.

The city of inspiration, where their essence is deeply preserved. Attached to Parisian elegance, yet curious of their surroundings, they observe and explore different worlds to discern trends and spread their collections around the world. Made with passion, creativity and observation, these products bear a heritage and history brought to life by the Artistic Directors and their teams.

« To be fashionable, nothing is better than last year’s wardrobe and a pair of scissors  »

Claudie Pierlot