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Each season tells a new story, with new characters. These chapters are written by maintaining one, sole visual and editorial tone to invite our customers to rediscover different universe.

Media & Press Relations

Ensure our Brands’ consistent & attractive image in the press. Benchmark to guarantee a strategic visibility and analyze the media impact generated.

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CRM & Digital

Enhance our existing tools and think about innovative strategies to improve our customer services and gain customer loyalty. Support the Brands on the web to stimulate their sales.

Marketing & Communication

Continue to write the Brands’ identity & image chapters. Create and deploy communication strategies and marketing operations aimed at making our collections more desirable.

Brand Identity & Graphic Design

Immerse yourself in the Brand’s heritage to define their identity and conveys it on various media. Ensure that image and territory are respected.

Customer Service

Place the customers at the heart of your actions by focusing on their satisfaction and loyalty. Customer Service is the Brand’s virtual storefront and operates as the interface to cultivate an enduring relationship.

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Web Designer

Considered as the digital architect, the Web Designer creates the Brand’s website universe by respecting their editorial and graphical codes.

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