Develop our passionate entrepreneurs and ensure all our stakeholders commit to respecting and promoting our values

The SMCPeople pillar aims to develop our passionate entrepreneurs and ensure all our stakeholders commit to respecting and promoting our values, such as inclusion, diversity, and well-being in the workplace. This will be achieved through three main axes:

Favor development and internal mobility as an element of differentiation, and helping our employees thrive


Our employees can devise a dynamic career plan in an inclusive environment, which is conducive to internal promotions while giving everyone a chance to succeed and fulfill their potential.

Development also requires managerial support as well as training.

In 2020, under the managerial support component, we launched our SMCP Management Model to guide and inspire all our managers in their daily lives.

We also digitalized our performance evaluation system to make each employee’s skills and career goals more traceable.


Under the training component, we made significant investments, most notably in MyLearning, our digital platform aimed at making training accessible to 100% of our employees worldwide, anytime, on any device. Many of the internal modules related to products, collections, and brand DNA were developed by our very own teams. Our strategies, values, and management model, as well as sustainability, diversity, and ethics, are also featured.

Thanks to this platform, 83% of our employees have become Group or Brand ambassadors in 2020. By 2025, our goal is to train 100% of our employees.


In 2020, training at SMCP, it is:

We are also committed to well-being in the workplace so our employees can thrive in an inspiring environment.

We aim to:

  • Improve working conditions for all our employees
  • Provide better work-life balance
  • And foster initiatives to this end.

For instance, we have developed new technology and tools to enhance efficiency and flexibility.

By 2025, we also hope to give each employee a chance to participate in a sustainability initiative.



Engage each employee and stakeholder to respect and promote our values every day, as well as our actions to foster diversity, ethics, and sustainability


We strive to make each employee an ambassador of our values.

We already have many charity programs in place, such as the collaboration between:

  • Les Apprentis d’Auteuil and all four of our Brands
  • Le Foyer de Grenelle and Sandro
  • And, La Cravate Solidaire and Fursac and Claudie Pierlot.

These partnerships serve one main goal: help marginalized people enter the workforce.    


Furthermore, Maje donated 100% of the profits from its mask sales to Médecins Sans Frontière, making a first payment of €50,000 in September 2020. Every year, the brand also partners up with the non-profit Un Cadeau pour la Vie to send Christmas presents to hospitalized children.


Our North America and Asia Regions also donate to underprivileged people and minorities every year. In 2020, our North America teams contributed their support to the Black Lives Matter movement. In Asia, organizations such as Hong Chi and Clara Non-Profit DIY received our help. Our teams regularly get involved for the planet by participating in beach and park cleanups.




Promote diversity and foster inclusion within our teams


We are proud to include people of over 100 nationalities, which makes our teams richer and more dynamic. We believe diversity is wealth, an opportunity, and a driver for creativity and performance. We strive to reflect this diversity in our collections, our actions, and our daily lives.

Our hiring practices encourage diversity in all its respects. We train our managers to address hiring discrimination biases.

We encourage internal promotion by developing our employees regardless of their origins, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social background, disability, or age. We are always committed to valuing skills, mindset, potential, and motivation.


We regularly carry out disability awareness campaigns and participate in job fairs for applicants with disabilities in France. We also hope to raise our employees’ awareness of diversity in all its respects, for instance, by having them participate in La Fresque de la Diversité [The Mural of Diversity] workshops.

Finally, we are proud to have a high percentage of women within the Group, including in the most senior roles.

We still have many projects ahead of us to help make the Group even more inclusive. Every day, we go about them with determination to ensure our employees work in an ever more fulfilling environment.






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