Unveiling the potential of all our passionate entrepreneurs

The ambition of the SMCPeople pillars is to unveil the potential of all our passionate entrepreneurs.


Within SMCP group, each employee is considered at the highest level, whatever their job, and wherever they are in the world. Because all our passionate entrepreneurs are our creative force and the future of our four fashion Brands, we respect each other’s talent and uniqueness and offer everyone the means to find their place and flourish as long as possible.


SMCP is certified “HappyAtWork Company” from Choose My Company (ESG reviews) for 2023!

With an overall satisfaction rate of 4.26/5, our employees recognize a commitment to improving their daily lives within a creative and inspirating environment, which is also challenging, respectful of our values and conducive to professional development. 71.3% of them would recommend SMCP and its Brands to a friend.

We are also delighted that sustainability was the most strongly recognized and praised category by our teams with 75% of positive feedback (vs. 66% benchmark).

Committing to diversity and inclusion


  • Policy on diversity and inclusion

Structured in , the policy is based on 5 pillars:

  • Women representativity at all levels of the company

A large proportion of the Group’s workforce are women. They are in the majority in operational teams, in head offices, and also in management bodies. We are proud of our representation of women in all of the Group business activities.


  • Agreement on professional equality, quality of life at work and diversity

In June 2022, an agreement was signed for France with our social partners on professional equality, quality of life at work and diversity.

The Group is committed to concrete actions marking key moments in the lives of employees in France and beyond:

  • Firstly, during recruitment with recruitment campaigns without CVs to open up our opportunities to as many people as possible and with training on bias-free recruitment techniques for recruiting employees;
  • When managing careers, with the implementation of training and awareness-raising actions on the challenges of diversity and anti-discrimination measures; with the promotion of internal mobility worldwide and the deployment of HR development tools, providing guidance to aid objectives decision-making.
  • At key life events, such as accompanying our employees in their daily parenthood.



  • SMCP Retail Lab

The Group is committed in social inclusion actions, with the launch, in 2023, of the first class of its SMCP Retail Lab academy. With EMA Sup and Institut Français de la Mode as partners, SMCP Retail Lab is offering a innovative and certifying omnichannel training course for sale advisors. The course takes place over a year in the form of work-study programmes offered within our four Brands. SMCP has chosen to welcome candidates from all backgrounds, with the only selection criteria being their motivation and interest in fashion.




Recruiting, motivating and developing talents


  • Recruiting and onboarding our new employees

The Group offers an onboarding experience to all its employees. For head offices and warehouses, SMCP offers an onboarding program composed of meetings in our Brands and warehouses to provide a variety of opportunities for discussion and give new employees an overview of the Group. This process enables each employee to immerse themselves in the Group’s values, history, organization, Brands, and functions. For retail employees, the integration process is staggered over time, thanks to on-the-job training by the store manager and trainings on our MyLearning platform. For store managers, a specific 3-month on-boarding is provided, with personalized support from an expert store manager.

  • Training all our employees


We engage all our employees by providing access to digital training via the MyLearning international online training platform, which offers specialized training depending on the position. In this way, we make training accessible to 100% of our employees worldwide, at any time and on any device. This e-learning platform gives all our employees access to training in Strategy, Culture, Products, Sales Ceremony, Management, Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Languages, etc., helping to make them ambassadors for the Group and its Brands.

In 2022, almost 112,000 hours of training were given to our employees.

  • Encouraging internal mobility

We offer our employees a dynamic career path, in an inclusive environment that encourages mobility and internal promotion, giving everyone a chance to succeed and express their potential. Thanks to our Brands and business units, the diversity of our functions, and our international presence, we offer genuine career prospects to our employees.

Demonstrating solidarity


  • Support from associations and community actions


For the fourth year in a row, our four brands have partnered with a high school from the Apprentis d’Auteuil network to enable young people experiencing major social difficulties to integrate into the fashion sector. We contributed to the opening of an educational store and participated in sales training to maximize their chances of success. The Group and its Brands also participated in the Odysséa charity race to benefit the fight against cancer.

In addition to these multi-brand initiatives, many actions were put in place in 2022 within each Business Unit to support social and environmental causes. Here is an overview for 2022:

  • SANDRO: thanks to the launch of the SANDRO Fund and the profits generated by the sale of the upcycled capsules and the creation of the Believe game, more than €125,000 was donated to various associations such as It Gets Better and Pencil of Promise.
  • Maje: continuation of the partnership in 2022 with Médecins Sans Frontières for the sale of UNS1 masks. More than €110,000 has been donated to MSF since the start of the pandemic. Maje contributes all profits on this protective equipment;
  • Claudie Pierlot: donations of clothing to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Cravate Solidaire and Aides;
  • Fursac: regular donations of clothing and organization of an in-store donation campaign for Cravate Solidaire in December, which raised €27,000;
  • SMCP Asia: organizing a team competition at the Hong Kong registered office aiming to accumulate the greatest number of volunteer hours with various associations. In total, 68 volunteers provided 272 hours of their time to local associations;
  • SMCP North America: the collection of internal donations for LGBTQIA+ people in difficulty during “Pride Giving” month in June 2022.



We still have many projects ahead of us to help make the Group even more inclusive. Every day, we go about them with determination to ensure our employees work in an ever more fulfilling environment.






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