Discover the Stories of our passionate entrepreneurs


Supply and Stocks Manager - Claudie Pierlot

« I work with almost all the teams at headquarter teams, from logistics to area managers. That's why I love my job! »


Stylist - Maje

« I have to mix trends with commercial success, but always keeping in mind the Maje DNA. »


Strategy Project Manager - SMCP

« The diversity of the actors I interact with feeds me a lot and pushes me forward. »

Imène & Fatima

Store Manager & Assistant Store Manager - Maje

« Members of my team, including me, were not chosen by chance. The shop fits us as much as we fit it! »

Caroline, Joachim & Laurence

Digital Learning Team - SMCP

« Before Digital Learning, only 22% of the SMCP population was trained. Our face-to-face training courses did not allow us to reach all employees »


Digital Content Manager - Sandro

« We have to give our community what it wants to see without losing our DNA (otherwise, we wouldn't post anything but kittens!) »