Discover the Stories of our passionate & responsible entrepreneurs


Supply Manager - Maje

« The objective is to have the right product, at the right time in the right place with the right quantities and price! »


Customer Service Manager - Maje

« We often have very happy clients who thank us for the experience they had in our stores. These are our love messages, we spread them to all! »


Global Press and Influence Manager - Sandro

« Over the last two years, the traditional media landscape has changed dramatically. Therefore, it has become necessary to find new ways to pique desire in our customers.  »


Stylist - Maje

« I have to mix trends with commercial success, but always keep in mind the Maje DNA. »


Strategy & Digital Director - SMCP

« The diversity of the actors I interact with feeds me a lot and pushes me forward. »


Supply and Stocks Manager - Claudie Pierlot

« I work with almost all the business at headquarter teams, from logistics to area managers. That's why I love my job! »