Executive Committee

Isabelle Guichot
Isabelle Guichot CEO SMCP
Isabelle Allouch
Isabelle Allouch CEO Sandro
Marie-Caroline Bénézet
Marie-Caroline Bénézet Operations & Transformation Director
Jean-Baptiste Dacquin
Jean-Baptiste Dacquin CEO Claudie Pierlot
Paul Griffin
Paul Griffin CEO SMCP North America
Patricia Huyghues Despointes
Patricia Huyghues Despointes CFO SMCP
Elina Kousourna
Elina Kousourna CEO Fursac
Stéphane Ledru
Stéphane Ledru CEO SMCP Asia
Nathalie Malavoy
Nathalie Malavoy Global Human Resources & Sustainability Director
Charlotte Tasset Ferrec
Charlotte Tasset Ferrec CEO Maje

Members of the Board of Directors

Audit Committee

  • Ms. Orla Noonan

    President & Independent Director

  • Ms. Xiao Su

  • Mr. Dajun Yang

    Independent Director

Nomination and Compensation Committee

  • M. Christophe Cuvillier

    President & Independent Director

  • Ms. Evelyne Chetrite

  • Ms. Chenran Qiu

  • M. Xiao Wang

    Independent Director

Ethics Committee

  • Nathalie Malavoy

    Global Human Resources & Sustainability Director

  • Géraldine Zeitoun

    Internal Audit & Control Director

  • Erwan Le Meur

    General Counsel