Executive Committee

Isabelle Allouch
Isabelle Allouch CEO Sandro
Flavien d’Audiffret
Flavien d’Audiffret Strategy, Digital & Development Director SMCP
Jean-Baptiste Dacquin
Jean-Baptiste Dacquin CEO Claudie Pierlot
Philippe Gautier
Philippe Gautier CFO & Operations Director SMCP
Paul Griffin
Paul Griffin CEO SMCP North America
Isabelle Guichot
Isabelle Guichot CEO Maje
Elina Kousourna
Elina Kousourna CEO De Fursac
St├ęphane Ledru
St├ęphane Ledru CEO SMCP Asia
Nathalie Malavoy
Nathalie Malavoy Human Ressources & Sustainability Director

Members of the Board of Directors

Audit Committee

  • Ms. Orla Noonan


  • Ms. Xiao Su

  • Mr. Dajun Yang

Nomination and Compensation Committee