Breakdown of capital & voting rights

The share capital of the Company is composed of 76,288,530 shares (including 697,343 Free Preferred Shares).

Assuming conversion of all the Free Preferred Shares into ordinary shares, the share capital of the Company would be composed of up to 78,326,926 shares.

Date of last update: December 31st, 2023


(1) Post conversion of all the Free Preferred Shares and excluding LTIP

(2) Glas SAS (London Branch), Trustee under exchangeable bonds issued by European TopSoho secured with shares of SMCP representing approximately 37% of SMCP’s share capital, has taken possession of 29% of the capital on October 28, 2021.

(3) To date, the company has not been informed of the identity of the current holder(s) of the 12,106,939 shares transferred by European TopSoho S.à r.l., as no declaration of threshold crossing (statutory or legal) has been made to the Company or to the Autorité des marchés financiers and as these shares are bearer shares. GLAS has nevertheless indicated in a communication dated December 8, 2021 that it has obtained a freezing order against European TopSoho S.à r.l. and Dynamic Treasure Group Ltd, the initial transferee, prohibiting any further transfer of these shares.



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