Timeless pieces with a fashion twist inspired by travel — Fall Winter 2023




Claudie Pierlot


Olivier Germain

A history of style

A smile. This is what people who knew Claudie Pierlot remember most of all. She was born on November 29, 1947 in Troyes, in a provincial bourgeois family. In this context, she quickly developped a great passion for fashion and natural elegance.
The world according to Claudie
It's in 1984 that Claudie Pierlot began her activity and created her Maison "for parisian women". She invented a look that is both chic and effortless. Success is immediate and will never fail.
"I don't draw, I don't sew, my fashion is born of observation."

The Claudie twist

Claudie modestly asserted that her wardrobe was designed for everyday life, and that her fashion was simply adapted to be worn in the street from morning to evening.
If her desire was to offer an everyday wardrobe, the latter was actually an assumed mix with her personal creative touch. The well affirmed art of the offset. More than thirty years after their creation, the iconic pieces of Claudie Pierlot still seduce. But if the fundamentals of the brand are always the same, they are constantly revisited, reinterpreted, and shifted. It’s the Claudie twist.

In keeping with the FREE SPIRIT and Parisian essence of the brand…

…Claudie Pierlot’s stores open out to the world around them. From the facade, wide openings allow natural light to penetrate to the stone-floored interior, between wood species and fabrics. Terrazzo flooring, raw wood and warm tones combine to create a unique feel and atmosphere, fully in keeping with Claudie Pierlot's new look and transformation.   Both audacious and yet at the same time elegant, this new design celebrates the sense of parisian FOLIE DOUCE so dear to the brand in its own unique way, with contrasting details in the form of textured walls painted with eco-labelled paint, geometric shapes, low-energy light bulbs and wavy surfaces.   A place dedicated to emotion, experiences and encounters, with its wooden furniture calling to mind second-hand items picked up in the South of France or even on the other side of the world, symbols of TRAVEL MEMORIES.
« I do not like showing off, i do not like the relations of seduction, I remain natural.  »

Claudie Pierlot,

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