Everyday, 5,800 passionate entrepreneurs collaborate with the Group

Talents of SMCP blaze their own trails, continually opening our Brands to new horizons, new ways of introducing them to the world. We empower ideas and creativity that bring sustainable value to the Group.

A custom-made management model

Our organization favors a responsible management style: making the best decisions for the company means conveying the stakes, mobilizing all actors and stimulating everyone to thrive. Individual and team initiatives are encouraged and valued.

In a few years, the Group went from 1,000 collaborators to more than 5,800, spread out all over the world. We have built a common pattern of life with common values.

SMCP managers drive the company’s performance and ensure the teams stay motivated and passionate. They show the way, importing stress to export an encouraging breath, give meaning to each contribution and are the first ambassadors of our culture and values.

We are convinced that the keys to success is leading by example, this is why it is essential for us to embody our values, at all times, in all places.

Our passionate entrepreneurs, around the world






Based out of France

Our values

  • Be a passionate entrepreneur

    Reason and act with agility, as a business manager, as an ambassador for our Brands with the desire to always make them grow.

  • Act with sustainable consciousness

    Contribute positively to the planet in your daily actions.

  • Nurture creative thinking & innovate

    Bring new ideas to remain one step ahead.

  • Develop a global mindset

    See further from own scope of action.

  • Think elegance as an attitude

    Show respect and be mindful to others.

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