Ethics & Sustainability Documents

We put Ethics & Sustainability at the heart of our actions

Building on a strong entrepreneurial and family heritage, ethics is at the heart of our business and strongly embedded in our roots and DNA. SMCP has grown over time, driven by a search for desirability in its collections and excellence in the quality of its service. At SMCP, we are convinced that the way in which we carry out our activities on a social, environmental, and societal level is essential to our success and a source of value creation.

Putting ethics at the heart of our model is essential to the sustainable development of our activities and an important guarantee of trust for all our stakeholders. As a responsible Group, we must commit to the highest ethical standards.

Group Code of Ethics

The Group Code of Ethics is therefore mainly intended to serve as a reference point, a compass, a guide that must inspire our daily actions expected by our employees and in their relations with all stakeholders.

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SMCP – Code of Ethics (EN)

SMCP – Charte Ethique (FR)

SMCP – 道德章程 (ZHS)


In addition to the usual channels of communication, SMCP stakeholders can send an email to to report violations of laws, regulations or internal principles of conduct in a confidential and secure manner.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The SMCP Group and its Brands have always sought to build long-term relationships with their suppliers. These relationships must be based on mutual respect and common values.

We expect them to be fully in line with the Group’s fundamental values in terms of ethics, social and societal responsibility, and environmental protection. These values are formalised in this code of conduct addressed to all its suppliers.


Supplier Code of Conduct (EN)

Code de Conduite Fournisseur (FR)


Policy for the Prevention of Corruption and Conflicts of Interests

The Policy for the Prevention of Corruption and Conflicts of Interests defines and illustrates the different types of behaviour to be prohibited as likely to constitute acts of corruption or influence peddling.

It was drafted to allow our employees to become familiar with the basic principles of anti-corruption legislation and to take the necessary steps and adopt the behaviour required in order to uphold such principles.


Policy for the Prevention of Corruption and Conflicts of Interests (EN)

Politique pour la Prévention de la Corruption et des Conflits d’Intérêts (FR)

腐败和利益冲突防范政策 (ZHS)

Ethics Committee

Sustainability Strategy

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