Sustainability Strategy

Parisian elegance is only desirable if it is sustainable

Moving towards a more virtuous fashion industry, SMCP is pushing for more responsible fashion, based on the belief that Parisian elegance is only as desirable as it is sustainable, and has therefore set ambitious objectives for 2027.

Strategy & Ambition


Based on the very same belief that Parisian elegance is only as chic as it is sustainable, 2020 was a historic turning point in our sustainability policy: having drafted our strategy, we now have a clear vision for the future of accessible luxury. Following a three-year process involving definition, audits, and action, it is time for the fourth chapter in our story: truly global, responsible, and phy-gital brands fueled by our passionate and responsible entrepreneurs.

Our mission and our ambition are the fruit of a joint reflection process in which everyone pitched in, including through the creation of a Group Sustainability Committee. Sponsored by our CEO, the committee includes one ambassador from each Brand and Region. A key component of our strategy was making it a collective adventure, involving the full scope of our expertise from product design to in-store or online sales.


Group Sustainability Committee

Brands & Regions

SMCP set ambitious goals for itself to reach by 2027. Our Brands have taken ownership of this strategy and expressed it through their own DNA.

Commitments & Values


More than ever, our actions are aimed at fostering a more responsible and ethical fashion industry, in line with our values. As a driving force in accessible luxury, season after season, we strive to make Parisian elagence more sustainable by developing more desirable and more eco-friendly collections while protecting the Planet and People.

In line with this vision, in late 2020, our Group joined the UN Global Compact.

Our sustainability commitments are based on our core values. Our strategy is both authentic and dynamic, as are the passionate entrepreneurs who have shaped our history.

  • Be a passionate entrepreneur

    Act with agility as a business leader.

    The entrepreneurial legacy of the founders of our four Brands runs through our veins, and we carry their ambition forward.

  • Act with sustainable consciousness

    Contribute positively to the planet in your daily actions.

    We are the ambassadors of our Brands, and in that capacity, we strive to make them grow while placing people and the environment at the core of our actions.

  • Nurture creative thinking & innovate

    Bring new ideas to remain one step ahead.

    We support new ideas and encourage all our employees to craft them with us. Together, we can enhance the Group’s performance in a more responsible and sustainable way.

  • Develop a global mindset

    See further from own scope of action.

    We must think global in everything we build to create unique experiences respectful of all cultures.

  • Think elegance as an attitude

    Show respect and be mindful to others.

    We are in tune with the world around us and aspire to more ethical and responsible performance.

The pillars of our strategy


SMCP has strong ambitions for a sustainable transformation of its footprint by 2025.

The three pillars of our strategy, which we identified in 2019, were carefully weighed to create a sustainable growth model for the Group.

In 2020, our three pillars – SMCProduct, SMCPlanet, and SMCPeople helped us devise a highly ambitious sustainability strategy to initiate meaningful change in our industry. Together with our four Brands, we are deeply committed to achieving and exceeding them.


Produce even more desirable and eco-friendly collections in just the right amount

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Preserve our planet and its natural resources

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Develop our passionate entrepreneurs and ensure all our stakeholders commit to respecting and promoting our values

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