Produce even more desirable and responsible collections in just the right amount

The first pillar of our Group Sustainability Strategy is SMCProduct.

Our ambition is to produce even more desirable and responsible collections, in just the right amount. This pillar is comprised of four main axes:

Producing just the right amount


As part of our teams’ demand planning efforts, we endeavor to reduce the volumes we produce, with an impact on the entire supply chain, from materials consumption to residual stock optimization. We strive to refine our production and tailor it to our end sales as much as we can.



Increasing the number of more eco-friendly references in our collections


In 2021, 46% of our references were made from more environmentally friendly materials and the goal is to reach at least 75% by 2027 by increasing the use of more eco-friendly & certified materials such as:

  • Organic materials grown pesticide-free, such as GOTS cotton;
  • Recycled materials such as RCS polyester and wool;
  • More envionmentally friendly materials such as viscose from sustainably managed forests;
  • Materials respecting animal welfare (e.g.: responsible wool standard).

Since 2019, our Brands have made a considerable effort to offer more eco-friendly pieces within their collections. At the end of 2019, 3% of our collections were concerned. While for the Fall-Winter 2021 collection, Claudie Pierlot was the first to reach 55%. For the Spring-Summer collection, we are at 53% at the Group level*. This is a great step forward in a very short time!


Ensuring the safety and manufacturing conditions of our product


This involves a significant increase in our social and environmental audits. By 2020, nearly 50% of our strategic suppliers have been audited, rising to 85% by 2021.

We have also sent our Supplier Code of Conduct to all our suppliers for signature so they can commit to respecting and wholeheartedly promoting the Group’s core values in relation to ethics, social and societal responsibility, and environmental protection. You will find it under the Ethics & Sustainability Documents tab.


We are also committed to putting traceability at the heart of our development to ensure perfect knowledge of our supply chains.

In 2022, the Group initiated a partnership with Fairly Made – a French Green Tech start-up – which places the Group at the forefront of its industry.

In addition to the many measures already undertaken within the Group, this project will enable us to offer our customers the most transparent information possible regarding the traceability of our products. It will also be a valuable tool for analysing and improving our sourcing around the world.

This information is already available on about 40 references per Brand on our e-shops and in stores for the Spring-Summer 2022 season. For the Fall-Winter 2022 season, this will be around a hundred references covered for each Brand. Our ambition is to extend the number of references covered from season to season and to reach 100% by 2025.


Promoting the circular economy


As we know, nowadays, consumer habits are changing and we must follow suit to help our customers give a second life to the pieces they no longer want. To achieve this, our Brands joined the Vestiaire Collective adventure.

Moreover, since October 2020, our North America office has been in the rental market on the Rent the Runway platform, the current leader in this field. In June 2021, Maje launched Maje Rent, its own rental service, which was a major turning point for the Group.

Our goal is to go further and continue to explore these promising new markets, such as the second-hand market. This experience is proposed by SANDRO with the SANDRO SECOND HAND project launched in October 2021, and by Maje.


Furthermore, we refuse that our pieces and supplies be destroyed. Instead, our Brands regularly donate thousands of pieces to non-profits such as Ohr Hanna, Aids, Rois du Monde, Hevrat Pinto, and Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.


Last but not least, we are launching upcycling initiatives. Maje launched its first capsule collection in 2020 called Remade With Love.

In 2021, the SANDRO Femme design studio also gave new life to fabrics from previous collections with the upcycled Endless Love Act I collection. It will continue its action with an Act II in 2022, with all profits going to the SANDRO FOR THE FUTURE fund.



*(excluding Fursac)


Preserve our planet and its natural resources

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Develop our passionate entrepreneurs and ensure all our stakeholders commit to respecting and promoting our values

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