Four exceptional Brands
generate €1039m in
sales in 2021

Message from Isabelle Guichot, the CEO

“We are very satisfied with our strong achievement over the first half of the year. We were able to perform very well in all our regions where local clients spending was above pre-pandemic levels, apart from Asia, where our stores were temporarily closed due to Covid restrictions. This enabled us to reach an all-time H1 sales record. This momentum, which could not have been possible without the strong commitment of our teams, confirms the relevance of our strategy focusing on brand desirability, with local marketing strategies which boost customer engagement. Over the first half, we also managed to strongly increase our profitability thanks to tireless efforts to increase full price sales. In addition, we accelerated on our CSR policy, by implementing a traceability program, and on our omnichannel ambition. Looking forward, while the current geopolitical and macro-economic environment creates some uncertainty, we confirm our 2022 full-year guidance if the situation does not further deteriorate.”

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