vision & commitments

We sense opportunities and our performance aims at a long-term growth

Our Group has the ambition to become the global leader in ready-to-wear and accessories, with a very precise mission supported by all our collaborators: inspire Parisian Chic around the world.

« Chic is an attitude. A subtle marriage of opposites, a bold added touch, a careful attention to detail. Chic is skilled at creating the inimitable.  »


Visionnary and entrepreneurs by default, we share the same ambitions:

  • Nurture our Like-for-Like growth
  • Gain market share in France
  • Pursue our international expansion

To write the new chapters of our growth, we focus our strengths on several pillars.

Reinvent ourselves

Continue creating collections even more desirable, offer an outstanding customer experience and develop our Brands’ awareness.

Diversify ourselves

Develop a complete product offering in accessories, particularly leathergoods and shoes.

Digitalize ourselves

Become the referenced Brands on the digital workplace, be connected and inspiring with best-in-class services.

Reinforce ourselves

Tap into the potential of Men’s category with Sandro Homme & Fursac in all our territories.

Develop ourselves, even more

Continue expanding on key markets, and reinforce our major partners in existing markets.

Our commitments

 —    Cultivate our present with care to combine our development in the future

The Group is aware of the social, societal and environmental stakes linked to the textile industry and wishes to build an authentic sustainable development strategy, just like the passionate entrepreneurs who write our story.

We all share a taste for challenge. We act with determination and a sense of responsability, while preserving our agility! Our Brands grow and reinvent themselves season after season thanks to the ideas shared at all levels of our organisation – diversity is our strengh.

« Parisian Chic can only be elegant if it is sustainable.  »

Some insight into what we have already achieved...

Our Brands have always been eager to invest in responsible actions so it was natural that in 2017, we expressed our desire to build a sustainable Sustainability approach.

Today, our ambition is to go far beyond what we were already doing, in particular through three strategic pillars defined in 2019:

  • SMCProduct: Develop desirable and responsible offer
  • SMCPlanet: Preserve our planet and its natural ressources
  • SMCPeople: Develop our passionate entrepreneurs

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