Global Press and Influence Manager

With his first job in press relations at just 20 years old, Guilhem found his way in the fashion world relatively early! After working for some major actors in the luxury sector, he wanted to return to a company with more of a family feel, more of a human side, and close to his values, and he was able to find just what he was looking for at Sandro.

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Based out of the brand’s headquarters at Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, Guilhem oversees the promotion of the Brand around the world. He communicates the women’s and men’s collections and Sandro’s story through the press, celebrities, and influencers.  

« In the last two years, the traditional media landscape has changed dramatically. Therefore, it has become necessary to find new ways to pique desire in our customers.   »

Guilhem’s mission is, notably, to develop a community of loyal ambassadors made up not only of traditional fashion bloggers but also actors, singers, artists, and other public figures. He explains: “We work with a wide variety of talents, but they must always be in line with the brand. We don’t make concessions on their artistic quality. We’re not going to work with a talent just because they’re powerful; above all, the collaboration should make sense for Sandro.”  

 99% of the Brand’s VIP and influence activations are organic (i.e. unpaid), so it is Guilhem’s job, and that of his team’s, to identify the right talents and to unite them around Sandro.  

Hmentions the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, where several celebrities (including Elle Fanning, Bella Hadid, and Leïla Bekhti) were seen sporting Sandro, as a particularly impactful moment 


“Competition is very strong in this area and the majority of brands do paid product placement. So each time we see a personality or a talent wearing the brand when they aren’t compensated, it’s a major source of pride because it’s incredible publicity.”


When working with influencers, one of his leitmotifs is to be a trend-setter and to build relationships with talent from the beginning of their careers. “You have to create an authentic bond with the opinion leaders of today, and especially those of tomorrow.”  

Guilhem’s work also involves sharing and spreading Sandro’s unique history, the story of its creation and its Parisian roots, an exceptional adventure. “Few brands are lucky enough to have such a rich history and founders who are present and accessible. It’s important to tell this story because it speaks to our values, and it’s unique in the fashion industry.”  

Guilhem was originally drawn to Sandro for its creative side and its artisanal side, and it was the brand’s human side that convinced him after meeting Evelyne:  

« I met Evelyne and I fell in love with her personality, her kindness, her spontaneity…and voila, I wanted to join the adventure immediately.  »

This adventure requires agility, reactivity, and versatilityGuilhem is always ready to think critically about his choices. He explains that, in this line of work, “nothing is ever definitive, you always have to be one step ahead. So you have to have an open mind and always be searching for new ways to communicate and new media. Today it’s influencers and Instagram, but what will it be tomorrow?”  

The adventure also means contact with people, externally with journalists and influencers, and internally with Evelyne and Ilan, the studios, production, retail, the ateliers, and more.  


“I don’t think you can work in PR or influence if you don’t like contact with people. It’s the sine qua non of this type of work. On a daily basis, we are in contact with all the Maison’s departments and a multitude of external contacts as well. 


So, what does the future look like for Guilhem? “There are still so many exciting things to do at Sandro. My goal is to continue to promote the brand internationally and continue to spark desire in our customers.”