Supply and Stocks Manager

In full preparation for the periods that our experts love to call the 'PO', one might wonder how the shops meet the demand of our customers so well. We found the explanation with Marion, Inventory & Supply Manager at Claudie Pierlot for 5 years.

With a business school background, Marion took her first steps in similar sized companies and was seduced by the missions of this career. A few years later she joined Claudie Pierlot. “It was a love at first sight!” she tells us. Her career evolves at the same pace as her passion and involvement, and soon she moved from Stock Manager to Supply Manager. Today, Marion manages the entire supply chain for France/Europe/Asia, Outlet & e-partners with her team of four people. 

She invites us to discover her daily balancing act. 

Her primary goal is to help the stores achieve their season objectives. It can’t be too much or too little, it has to be just right. It is therefore necessary to estimate as precisely as possible the supply of pieces that each shop needs according to its demand and its sales. Balance is the key word. 

“Once the first pieces of the collection are delivered to our warehouse in Vémars, that’s when I intervene. My mission is to implement collections by theme on the network of points of sale. It is then necessary to analyze the performances by product to readjust the stocks but also to work with the Visual Merchandising team to highlight some less visible pieces.” 

Like a doctor, Marion constantly takes the pulse of each piece present in the store to build an operational stock and ensure that the sales team has all the tools available. In the event of cardiac arrest, a new intervention takes place: “For the stock to be qualitative, I organize inter-store transfers by asking the over-stocked shops to migrate their pieces. This allows us to be more flexible and responsive in case of immediate need!” She adds. 

To collaborate with headquarters, logistics and field teams, being flexible is the main quality. Marion confirms this: “I work with almost all the business headquarter teams, from logistics to area managers. That’s why I love my job!” To coordinate all the departments to perfection, she can sometimes rely on the help of her counterparts: Sandro & Maje. 

The three Brands meet to share their best practices and their performances but also to measure themselves against one another. She tells us: “We feel the belonging to a Group especially during the “PO” (note: promotional offers, such as private sales, sales, etc.) because they require a real coordination and communication between the three brands, and it is a real strength! 

But the supply does not stop just at the collections. When a customer goes to the cash register, her product is packaged: “Consumables! Without them the stores would not have the same feel” she recalls. It is true that without hangers, mannequins or shopping bags, our sales teams would be at a loss. That’s why orders are passed based on forecasts but also openings and renewals.


« From the spring of 2019, our shopping bags will be made of recyclable paper! This was very important to our Brand, but also to the SMCP Group which is committed to a Sustainability policy.  »

In five years, the Claudie Pierlot stores network has experienced surprising growth; an undeniable source of experience for the teams. Marion testifies:

“I have the impression of having grown up in this family and of being sincerely attached to it. I learned a lot and met people who inspired me. And then … just Claudie Pierlot. This brand with its flawless image and Parisian edgy-preppy who always adapts to its time!” ​