Imène & Fatima

Store Manager & Assistant Store Manager

From the most beautiful avenue in the world to the Maje store, there are only a few steps. Installed at 58 rue Pierre Charron, a Maje-stic window dresses the Haussmannian façade: as an invitation to discover a spacious interior and solar collections. Recently renovated, the Parisian flagship is animated by a multilingual and multicultural team whose profiles echo its customers.

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Located in the historic heart of fashion, the Champs Elysees and its surroundings have always been the favorite rendez-vous of fashion addicted tourists. Maje confirms this trend by welcoming nearly 80% of them every year.

Imène, Store Manager for a year, has the mission to drive the point of sale by ensuring the good performance of the floor [ndlr: sales area], stocks, to accompany and to develop the store’s teams, while respecting the objectives set.

She is accompanied by her assistant Fatima and together they form a pair whose symbiosis naturally seems obvious. Imène says:

“I met Fatima during a SMCP training, we had to work together and I had a real crush, I recognized myself in her. Fatima was on an assistant mission at the time and I asked my Area Manager if she could make her mission permanent at Pierre Charron by being promoted assistant”

Bingo! Since the end of 2018, Fatima has become the right arm of the shop and sincerely confides her passion for the Brand and her desire to grow it. For her, Maje speaks to all the women in the world, from 7 to 77 years old. She says: “One speaks to the girl as much as to the grandmother. One of my client is 76 and she just bought a mini shorts and a shirt. She was beautiful in it! “. At the Pierre Charron store, customers are as valuable as sales associate because they are looking for a moment of sharing and exchange that the team knows how to bring with a lot of savoir-faire.

From a similar experience for 6 years, the Store Manager takes the Maje turn in March 2018, seduced by its product & history, to discover the life of a Brand and a Group: SMCP. She says of the beggining: “I realized that there was a huge gap between the competitors and the Brands of the Group. Training helps us to be more efficient thanks to many tools: MyLearning, product focus, pro management training, etc. ”




« What really amazed me when I arrived was the level of training.  »

Store Manager

In 2018, SMCP’s La School organized over 1,600 hours of training for the French & European Maje network. It’s no wonder our sales associates are the best!

On a daily basis, Store Manager & Assistant work in pairs to animate the point of sale and ensure that each member of the team come up with new ideas to boost the results and master all aspects of the business. Imène points out:

“In my store every person is agile. If I’m away tomorrow, the shop would work thanks to my team’s autonomy”

Training is central to her management and is one of her priorities because “I already am a store managerit is now my team’s turn to become one“.