Pattern maker - Maje

Opening the workshop door, a warm atmosphere prevails. The steam from hot irons fogs up the windows but above all, there are dozens of smiles and hands meticulously running across fabric. We have arrived at Maje. From a distance, we see a pattern maker, Severine, who has been living her passion for the past thirteen years and tells us, tape measure hanging around her neck, all about her job and her history.

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    Pattern maker even in her spare time

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« The stylist creates in two dimensions and the pattern maker in three dimensions.  »

In 2005, Maje was seven years old: the age of reason.

It was also a year of reflection for Severine who, after several years in production for a small brand, decided to take her first steps as a pattern maker. “Getting out of design school, I missed being creative. Judith (the founder) sensed my profound motivation, and welcomed me into the family”, she explains.

At that time, her skills were not fully developed but more than anything, she wanted to learn and to do. By joining the two, Severine gained her experience and 13 years later, Maje named her second in command in the workshop. The recognition given to her work today serves as the engine and the fuel.

“My training was ever-changing because when I arrived, I had never worked as a pattern maker. I was very generously surrounded by and led by managers and colleagues who exposed me to different visions of pattern making.”

Judith Milgrom, founder of the Brand, through her contagious entrepreneurial energy, encourages her teams to be versatile and always hungry for knowledge in the assignments they work on. At Maje, the pattern maker not only lends a creative hand, but is also the technical manager of a piece.

A pattern maker’s mission is to turn the stylist’s idea into reality. Using a photo or a drawing for inspiration, he or she figures out the dimensions in order to deliver something that will be as close as possible to the finished piece in the store. This is the first definition of the clothing’s structure. 

Last but not least, the pattern maker influences the style that the piece will end up having, while at the same time respecting its basic inspiration.

13 years later, the workshop has grown along with Maje. Now the Brand is a shining star within the SMCP Group. It is a real difference for pattern makers who can now find their work in shops in Shanghai or New York.

« The Group has brought a fresh boost. More professionalism, more training and the worldwide promotion of the Brand.  »