International Development Manager

Between the passionate entrepreneur who had her own firm barely out of business school and SMCP Group, the relationship runs far deeper than contractual ties.

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    SMCP Group

« At SMCP, you’re asked to manage your job as though it were your own firm. When I spend a euro here, it’s MY euro.  »

12 years ago, Lauren set out on the adventurous path of entrepreneurship, alongside her husband. After 8 years of their own self-made business, she decides to retire from entrepreneurship without the slightest suspicion that SMCP would be her next move.

In 2015, the story started to be written when Lauren took up the position of Store Planning Manager. A surprising professional curveball! Is it about knowing architecture, organisation, or maybe cost control? She answers:

“It’s a bit of all three at once!”

Multipurpose functions & rapid pace, two things that our ex-entrepreneurs likes. She says:

“It all moves very fast, we have so many projects going on, hundreds per year considering openings, renovations and moves. And… A project isn’t something you complete in a day”

She continues her rising path the day a new position opened up. Title: International Development Manager.

« My manager trusted me and the internal mobility procedure was completed very quickly and easily. In the end, that’s the real luxury of this Group.  »

From now on, Lauren takes part in negotiating locations for all three Brands. And the job entails many a challenge and dilemma in the day-to-day.

“I work for the Group, but I also serve the brands. The brands are my customers and they are competitors to each other. It’s really quite thorny.”

The day-to-day does not only abound in heart-wrenching decisions, though, but above all in utterly satisfying moments, especially when it comes to the people. “The range of people I get to meet is so incredibly rich. Whether with the store owners, the department store buyers, our affiliates or our real estate agents across Europe”.

As for now, Lauren has never shown any sign of entrepreneur’s nostalgia, because she finds back the same feelings and environment than her initial vocation.

« The Group was originally founded by two sisters. Two entrepreneurs. So it’s a family operation and there is all this legacy coursing through the company’s veins.  »