Training Manager - Claudie Pierlot

Back to the time where Mélanie was offically graduated, she decided to extend her studies and worked aside as a sale assistant. Initially sales assistant, then 1st sales assistant for Maje, upgraded as Store Manager for Claudie Pierlot, then Regional Director; now she's training manager at Claudie Pierlot.

  • Profession

    Training Manager

  • Special Feature

    She's a swiss-army-knife

  • Brand

    Claudie Pierlot

« How couldn’t I be attached to an element that have changed a part of my life? When you have all these opportunities, you stay
attached eternally.  »

“It’s been now 8 years that a true love story was built with the Group “thanks to the people who believed in [her]”

Despite this lightning professional ascension, Mélanie is warning us.

“Do not jump the gun! I didn’t jump the gun even if my ascension was fast. One thing led to another because sometimes life gives you a highway to take and you just have to go for it without questioning. But, by acting step by step, it allowed me to have a more global and strategic vision, but also helped me to adjust myself with all the different profiles I work with.”

This progressive evolution enables her to sense and foresee the needs, difficulties and prerogatives of her collaborators because “[she] understood the ins and outs of each positions”.

« There are for sure many talents in our network. They are just missing the right tools to be revealed!  »

As of now, Mélanie is training manager at Claudie Pierlot, a profession with many caps that brings her closer to the headquarters but without taking her away from the field neither.

She mentions: “I keep a deep attachment to the field. My position has assigned me missions where I’m not in the field the same way I used to, but I keep thinking field in my actions. If you don’t, your trainings won’t be working, you won’t be speaking the same language“.

Full-time manager or part-time seller, for Mélanie the challenge is the same: give the chance to all of the collaborators to have the same trainings, “so they can all be the best actually!”. A respectable challenge to be faced, to honor the history and heritage of the brand she have so much fondness for.

Her success, she owes it to her persistent and relentless work but also to the people she met that gave her the right tools. It is this same fortune she wants to offer to her collaborators.

Caroline, Joachim & Laurence

Digital Learning Team