Caroline, Joachim & Laurence

Digital Learning Team

In October 2018, SMCP announced the official launch of its digital training tool MyLearning: available anytime, anywhere on any device. A new agile solution that meets retail & headquarters expectations around the world.

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« Before Digital Learning, only 22% of the SMCP population was trained. Our face-to-face training courses did not allow us to reach all employees  »

Digital Learning Manager

Since then, the tool offers modules, designed to measure, to capture the learner’s attention and educate him/her through funinteractive and updated media. Whether you are in a shop in Beijing, in the rain in London or under a palm tree in Miami, access to training will be the same. MyLearning is a real educational broadcaster that allows messages to be sent to all populations at the same time and in their language. 

To train more than 5,800 employees in 40 countries, the transition to digital has become essential. In the meantime, the face-to-face must not disappear. Caroline explains: “The idea is to have blendedmeaning a digital part that will give bases of understanding so that they are deepened and practiced in face-to-face. These are two complementary functions. “ 

Mylearning’s crescendo introduction in our points of sale is a major commercial weapon for sales teams. Before, retail populations only had access to the descended courses by their Shop Manager. Today, 100% of people receive the same messages. This is a real novelty!

This freedom to learn anytime & anywhere is made possible by a team of creator-techno-designers composed of 3 members, who work in an interdependent way. 

Let’s meet them!  

Caroline, who arrived at the genesis of the project, experienced the first steps of e-learning. She took care of the bidding, supported by the IT & SIRH teams, and of the MyLearning launch. Initially, the team expanded with Adeline,* on a mission to coordinate the right information in the right place and make continuous updates. 

Joachim then arrived, creative-technician and magician of modern times, to take charge of the design of the modules. He turns raw content into a graphic and educational module. He says:

« Our creative mind is very challenged to highlight the good elements. We must find the right activity and always keep in mind to serve the educational message that we want to pass on to the learner. Boredom is the enemy!  »

Digital Learning Designer

In September 2018Laurence came to reinforce the team with the mission of setting all courses in the right order, in the right language, for the right target, with the right design, while ensuring the best user experience. 

Linked like the fingers of the hand, the Digital Learning team is full of ambition for the coming months and years…

« With this tool, the possibilities are endless. This is the most interesting and the most stimulating. As long as technology advances, we can move forward with it!  »

Caroline ,
Digital Learning Manager

Thanks to this new approach to training consumption, the teams were able to measure the impact of such a project on employees, but also (and especially) customers. The ambition is to increase the salespeople’s performance to offer a best-in-class customer experience, from Paris to Hong Kong. “We are inpspiring Parisian chic around the world. This is a concept that resonates strongly with us… because we are in Paris. We want to convey this same state of mind in Asia and North America, with the right words and the right tone. says Caroline. 

MyLearning thus participates in building the culture of SMCP’s digital image and highlights a daily collaborative work between the Group and the Brands to serve all our passionate entrepreneurs. Training managers, strongly mobilized on the subject, Area Managers or expertinvolved in the development and success of the tool.