Customer Service Manager

For Julie, her Maje story can be summed up in 1 word: a crush.

When she arrived at Maje in 2016 to do her first internship as Customer Service Assistant, she immediately fell in love with the House. She tells us "when I arrived, I had only a little experience. I learned on the job. I started this challenge and it immediately made me happy. It was exciting, and after 2 weeks, I realized that this is what I wanted to do in my life ... A real crush! "

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Today Maje’s Customer Service Manager, customer relations is her core business! She explains to us “Maje’s customer relationship is first and foremost a state of mind, a character, an empathy and the desire to do well for others. Listening is very important and getting into the customer’s head to answer and even anticipate her questions. ”

It is in this philosophy that Julie trains the Customer Service advisors. This outsourced contact center handles about 90% of requests following an e-commerce sale and 10% of in store sales. Her goal is to convey Judith’s state of mind so that counselors become immersed in the Brand, its values, its words. Julie tells us “we worked with our Communications Director, Yves, who gave us personality traits of Judith, smells and things she likes to do, her very attentive and caring personality”. This kindness, this transparency, Julie tries to transmit them to the teams.

« The customer relationship, for me, is what allows us to differenciate ourselves.  »

The client path at Maje has to be a « seamless » experience. If there are « points of blockage» that appear, they must disappear; it is Julie’s main mission. « We created a small showroom so that customer service consultants can touch pieces & materials, appreciate stores focus, the merchandising… This way, they can soak in the Maje DNA and offer a better answer to the clients’ demands ». Good customer service also involves training our Retail Teams. That’s why a dedicated course on the MyLearning plateform was created.

« We often have very happy clients who thank us for the experience they had in our stores. These are our love messages, we spread them to all!  »

In the field, Julie and her team set up satisfaction surveys in Europe and soon in France to take the pulse of the customer experience in the stores. “It’s a very good management tool because it clearly allows you to focus on what is good and what actually needs to be improved.” These quizzes provide a way to give feedback to the advisors, boost them and guide them so that they can offer the most personalized customer experience possible.

Why enter a Maje store instead of elsewhere? Benevolence, warmth, family are ubiquitous values of the Brand. Julie translates them into customer service. She makes the client feel happy, pampered, and engaged with Maje.

« Customer relations goal is that the client leaves with a memorable Maje experience and especially that she comes back.  »