Collection coordinator

The first floor of 150 boulevard Haussmann is home to the essence of Sandro: its studio and workshop. ​​At the heart of a swarm of stylists, designers, engineers, and other masters of style, we have met Caroline, the Collection Coordinator known as "the Interface".

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    She has SMCP's dual nationality

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« The energy is incredibly strong at Sandro. It is something powerful and contagious that motivates all of us.  »

Her mission is to maintain the consistency of the collection throughout the entire creative process.

Taking a deep breath, she explains:

“When Evelyne approves a design, I tell the workshop. The workshop creates a bill of materials, the bill of materials is sent to production, the production sets the price, I send it over to purchasing, and purchasing validates it. If that doesn’t happen, we hit rewind and I talk about it with Evelyne again.”

It’s a marathon that Caroline handles effortlessly, because she gained her experience on an excellent training ground: Maje.​

« I’ve never felt an energy like that anywhere but at Maje, and now Sandro.  »

En 2011, elle rejoint d’abord les équipes de Judith Milgrom (fondatrice de Maje) en tant qu’assistante styliste où elle évolue rapidement en tant que coordinatrice de collection.

​In 2011 she first joined Judith Milgrom‘s (founder of Maje) team as an assistant stylist. She was quickly promoted to collection coordinator.

In 2016, curiosity and wanderlust put an end to that adventure. Her resignation hit the company hard. But a few months later, Caroline joined the Sandro Family.

“I love SMCP, so it was a great opportunity for me.”

So, more of Team Maje, or Team Sandro? ?

She uses her joker card and says that “everyone thinks they must be a lot alike, but it’s not actually the case. Different DNA, different ways of working.”

The Sandro’s recipe is apparently as closely guarded as the recipe for chocolate spread, so Caroline doesn’t say much more, except to sing the praises of the woman she works with every day: the founder, Evelyne Chetrite

« Evelyne is so inspiring because she’s always questioning things. She wants everything to be new, more beautiful, more ambitious.  »

When you are enveloped in an artistic environment focused exclusively on its product, you ask yourself how much you really feel like part of the Group.

“Since I work in the studio, I obviously feel more connected with a brand than a Group because we don’t have the same DNA as the other fashion houses. But the Group intervenes directly with certain ongoing projects, for example the PLM software, so I never forget them. But in the studio, it’s to each their own house!”​

To each their own house, and SMCP for all.​​