Operate Develop

We always implement our initiatives on a global scale. Today, 43 countries offer our customers the opportunity to enter our Brands’ Parisian world.

The Group monitors each Brand to grow and ensures its financial health to attract a greater number of countries. We aspire to cultivate responsible performances to ensure sustainable growth out of respect for our surroundings and values.

Strategy & Development

Take the pulse of the Group’s daily activities to build action plans accordingly and ensure its health and international expansion, while respecting its surroundings.

Discover the Entrepreneur Story

Discover the Entrepreneur Story


Analyze and monitor all incoming and outgoing financial flows of the Group through management control, treasury and accounting to ensure sustainable growth.

Internal Audit

Support the Group in achieving its objectives by evaluating its risk management and internal control processes, its organization and making proposals to increase its effectiveness.

Operations & Organization

Business partner in charge of piloting and implementing the Group’s application and infrastructure projects. Maintain and support the Group’s IT tools (applications, tools, hardware, network).


Manage the entire logistics chain of the Group from supply to delivery through inventory management.

Discover our warehouses in Vémars, in the Paris area.

The central logistic of the Group is common to all 4 Brands. More than 150 employees are dedicated to logistics and the supply of the Group’s distribution network. The two main sites are located near Roissy-Charles De Gaulle airport and cover an area of 10,000 and 24,000 square meters. Since September 2017, a third warehouse of 17,000 square meters opened dedicated to finished products.