Attract & Engage

Collaborators are our ambassadors, and they learn the company values to impart their know-how, without fail. It is essential to capitalize on the wealth of our ecosystem to ensure that our talents flourish and to help them accomplish their professional aspirations.

Human Resources

Ensure the development and administrative management of the Group’s & Brands’ human resources. Define and pilot HR projects and policy in different domains (recruiting, mobility, etc.)

Training & e-Learning

Give to all the collaborators the opportunity to be trained on digital devices or physical trainingin order to improve their skills.

Discover the Entrepreneur Story

Discover the Entrepreneur Story

Internal Communication

Relay the Group’s strategy to the collaborators, assist with change and internally promote the company’s image and values. Act as the Group’s information center and the link-up between the three Brands and the two Business Units.

Social Affairs

Responsible for all matters pertaining to the employment law. A chosen intermediary for collaborators regarding management and strict enforcement of the company’s bylaws.

Compensation & Benefits

Pilot the whole social benefit of the Group and build a fair compensation policy that is coherent with our strategy & objectives.


Guarantee compliance with the Sustainability Strategy, manage the actions carried out, measure the effects and enhance the company’s image. Raise awareness, mobilize and engage all employees around the 3 pillars of the strategy: SMCProduct, SMCPlanet and SMCPeople.

Discover the Entrepreneur Story