Group Sustainability Manager

Justine joined SMCP in 2017 and is now Group Sustainability Manager.

She says “I was always interesting in environment and how to make things change in a good way. The Sustainability helps companies to be more positive in its way to manage its environmental and social impacts.”.

In this way, after a specialized scholar program, she joins SMCP for her final internship and... she never left!

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« It’s the entrepreneurial spirit that pleased me from the beginning. I was not a graduate yet, and I was trusted, I was completely integrated in the company. It’s really formative and gratifying!  »


In 2017, SMCP opened officially its Sustainability department to answer the global market transformation but also to answer an internal willingness of the collaborators to be implicated in its move. Justine says “the Group wanted to answer this mutation and as we are ambitious, we decided to integrate Sustainability at the heart of our business model. Maybe, it takes time, but when we are here, we are involved!”

Justine’s working days are really challenging and she likes that! The subjects to address are plentiful and diversified. “I work as much on the audits, as on the Group overall strategy but also at the Brands levels.” Justine have a driving role of research, awareness, and coordination. Brands rely on her knowledges in terms of innovation, products, eco-responsible materials, and labels market trends… She helps them to find more responsible alternatives and solutions.


Even if we are not perfect, we must communicate! That’s why, the idea of the sustainable committees was found. “This initiative aims to make, first, a state of play of the internal practices and then to draw up the Sustainabily strategy for 2025. This strategy is divided into 3 pillars that allow us to cover all the topics to be addressed by the fashion industry: SMCProduct: developing a desirable and responsible offer; SMCPlanet: preserving our planet and its natural resources; SMCPeople: developing our passionate entrepreneurs.

The goal of these committees is also to exchange and alert the collaborators to our Sustainability policy to spread our strategy locally and share our ideas.”



“The Sustainability is an internal issue at all levels which requires everyone’s involvement!”



Our Bands are increasingly mature on all these subjects and multiply their initiatives from season to season. “To speak of strong decisions, in 2020 we reached 513 eco-responsible references compared to 66 in 2019. This is a major step for the Group and its Brands, and this transition is only just beginning.”