The Muppet Show x Sandro

Kermit the frog was born in a swamp, surrounded by love, alligators and thousands of brothers and sisters. One day, after dropping his tail and learning to play the banjo, he decided to make his way to Hollywood. Starting with a local TV show, he moved up the show business ladder until he started his own television show, that worldwide sensation : The Muppet Show.

An amphibian of unrivaled accomplishments, Kermit has starred in feature films, TV, books, live performances, and even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And now, in this year of 2018, Kermit has come to Paris and met the fashion house Sandro. His amazing creative encounter with the founder and artistic director, Evelyne Chetrite, and the studio team has resulted in a capsule collection for the parisian brand, for both women and kids.

The collection combines with humour and chaotic, inspired spirit of the Muppet Show and the aesthetic of the parisian fashion house.

Parka coats, sweaters, denim, mules, bags... create a unique 100% Muppet Show

Kermit’s portrait is displayed in all forms, for every occasion, yet always quirky. Knitted on wool-jersey round-neck sweaters or embroidered with multi–coloured pearls on a hoodie or a velvet backpack, the face of the famous amphibian seems happier than ever.

Meet Kermit disguised as a bride or Kermit wearing sunglasses, on slightly oversized white cotton t-shirts. The pop colour palette, from frog green to electric red, is tempered by softer anthracite, sky blue and light ecru.

As always, Sandro plays with feminine and mascuile codes with a hint of nostalgia :

Sweatshirts, XXL cardigans, vintage jeans and 90’s jackets are reinterpreted to pay tribute to the Muppets Show. The parisian house even goes further and imagines the iconic flame trainers in a multitude of electric greens. And from the sweet complicity between Kermit, Evelyne and Sandro’s creative studio came the desire to offer this capsule collection to children. Cashmere hoodies, jogger pants, sweaters and rugby jerseys embody the playful aesthetics of the adult line by twisting it with a laughing Kermit. For the first time in its history, the fashion house allows girls and boys to become the mini-me of their elders in the style of the Muppets Show.

Available on the Sandro website

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