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SMCP opens its first stores in Mexico

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The Group opens its first two free-standing stores in Mexico City for Sandro and Maje in the prestigious Artz Pedregal mall, through a partnership with Retail Fashion Group, a subsidiary of Grupo Sordo Madaleno. Building on the success of its first corners opened in 2015 and the desirability of its brands in Mexico, SMCP is taking a new step forward.

« Mexico, with a young and fashion savvy population, offers promising growth prospects for SMCP, as we have seen the desirability of our brands growing in the country over the last few years.  »

Daniel Lalonde,

A young population & a fast-moving fashion industry.

With a growing demand, Mexico offers a promising growth potential for SMCP. Thus, the Group aims at delivering a dynamic expansion plan in the country for both Sandro and Maje over the coming years in key cities such as Polanco (Mexico City), Monterrey, Puebla and Guadalajara.

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