SMCP owes its success to the 5,000 men and women who share their spirit every day to help transform the company. The Group’s impressive growth has helped our in-house talent flourish, with support from our dynamic human resources policy.

Our mission & values

Our values form the link between the brands DNA – personified by our Founders – and the Group ambition to become a leader in the global apparel and accessories market.

Diverse careers

The Group’s organisation, its diverse structure, and its international presence mean that it can offer a diverse range of careers. In 2015 SMCP developed and put in place an internal mobility policy across SMCP’s three brands and entities, and the business units in France and abroad.

Made-to-measure management model

The Group’s managers see everyone’s contribution as important, especially in our company’s changing context. Our organisation encourages responsible management, where making the right decisions for the company means passing on the company’s values, getting everyone involved, and helping everyone find fulfilment. We therefore value and encourage group and individual initiatives.

SMCP managers drive the Group’s performance and feed their teams’ motivation and passion. They show them the way, give meaning to their work and incarnate our culture and values.

Jean-Baptiste Dacquin

Human Ressources Director