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Solidarity actions against Covid-19

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SMCP and its brands mobilize Solidarity actions against Covid-19 pandemic

SMCP group and its brands have been mobilizing for several weeks to support health players and vulnerable populations in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. In the coming weeks, the group will donate 50,000 surgical masks to home care companies operating in France.

This will complement the manufacture of 10,000 masks made by Sandro out of fabric stocks from previous collections, and Maje’s donation of more than 10,000 FFP1 masks to the Agence Régionale de Santé d’Ile-de-France, which will coordinate their distribution, notably to nursing homes, schools and the police.

These actions will be in addition to:

  • the design of Sandro’s solidary T-shirts, of which 100% of the profits will be donated to The Red Cross,
  • the distribution of Maje clothing to several French, Spanish and Italian organisations,
  • the launch of the #ourheroes campaign by Claudie Pierlot, which will donate €10 to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) solidarity fund for the fight against Covid-19 for each photo with the hashtag #HeartHands received on its Instagram account
  • the donation of 8,000 meters of fabric, elastic and ribbon by De Fursac to the French department of La Creuse, the brand’s native region, for the manufacture of masks and gowns.

In this unprecedented time and in order to contribute to the team’s collective effort, the Executive Committee has given up 30% of its fixed compensation during this period. The Board members joined this initiative by reducing their attendance fees by 30%.

Faithful to its values and commitments, SMCP and all its employees wanted to contribute to the collective effort during this exceptional time. Through these initiatives, the Group wishes to express its solidarity and gratitude to all those who have shown great courage in this crisis.