Press release

Q1 Sales up +24% driven by LFL, thanks to strong local demand Americas and EMEA outstanding momentum Continuation of full price strategy Digital penetration of 25%

  • Q1 Sales at €283.0m, up +23.7% on an organic(1) basis vs. 2021, fully driven by a LFL(2) growth thanks to strong local demand
  • Outstanding momentum in the Americas and EMEA(3) (resp.+44.5% and +72.9% on an organic basis vs. 2021)
  • Despite a good start to the quarter in APAC(4) (successful Chinese New Year), recent Covid restrictions had a significant impact on sales, first in Hong-Kong and later in Mainland China
  • Progressive improvement in France over the quarter, outperforming the market
  • Successful execution of the One journey strategic plan, including:
    – Continuation of the full price strategy (discount rate down by -6.1 pp vs. Q1 2021)
    – Finalization of our network optimization plan in France
    – Digital penetration reaching 25%, + 10 pp vs. 2019 level


(1) Organic growth | All references in this document to the “organic sales performance” refer to the performance of the Group at constant currency and scope, excl. Suite 341 related sales (end of format)
(2) Like-for-like
(3) EMEA covers the Group’s activities in European countries excluding France (mainly the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy) as well as the Middle East (including the United Arab Emirates).
(4) APAC includes the Group’s Asia-Pacific operations (mainly Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia).