Press release

2020 Full Year Sales

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Full year sales impacted by COVID-19 pandemic partially offset by China recovery and Digital growth & strong management of costs and cash


  • 2020 FY Sales: €873.0m, down -23.9% on an organic basis
  • Strong recovery in Mainland China since June; +3.4%[1] in 2020 (o/w +24.5%1 in H2 2020)
  • Strong performance in Digital[2]: +27.6%, including +43.1% in Q4 2020
  • Selective store openings: +12 net DOS openings (vs.+90 DOS in 2019)
  • Strong management of costs and cash

[1] Organic sales growth excluding 2019 Q4 one-off impacts related to off-price sales (c.€5m)

[2] Taking into account new accounting method in the US on returns