Claudie loves Green #GoForGood

In conjunction with the "Go For Good" movement launched by the Galeries Lafayette, Claudie Pierlot is committing itself via the design of its exclusive capsule, "Claudie Loves Green.". In line with the spirit of the times, this capsule containing six must-have pieces by Claudie Pierlot reflects the desure for a timeless and sustainable production process. Without compromising on style, these essentials are twisted by patchwork details or elegant embroidery.

Preserving natural resources

Each reference was created in view to preserving natural resources. Particular care was given to the various stages of production: from sourcing the raw materials, to the selection of the products used and to the manufacturig location.

Thus, some of the pieces are in certified GOTS cotton, from organic farming. In addition to guaranteeing the organic nature of the fibres, this label insures that each step of production is not only respectful of the environment but also socially responsible.

The stripped sailor top, assembled, knitted and embroidered in Troyes, honours French know-how. The water consumption necessary for producing the jeans was significantly reduced, and the leather jacket was tanned in an ecologically responsible manner.

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