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SMCP launches its initial public offering on the regulated market of Euronext Paris (English version)

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On 6th October 2017, the Autorité des marchés financiers (“AMF”) granted visa no. 17-539 on the prospectus relating to the IPO of SMCP in France, which consists of the registration document, registered with the AMF on 15 September 2017 under number I.17-066, a securities note and a summary of the prospectus (included in the securities note).

Reasons for the Initial Public Offering

The main objective of SMCP’s IPO is to pursue its development and growth strategy and to reduce its indebtedness, in order to increase its financial flexibility. The Initial Public Offering will also provide liquidity to the Selling Shareholders.

In the context of the IPO, SMCP intends to refinance its indebtedness. Specifically, the net proceeds of the Initial Public Offering will be used to reduce the financing costs of the Group, by repaying a portion of the 2023 Bonds, at the principal amount of €111,3 million, plus a “make whole premium” and interest accrued and due as at the repayment date (representing a total amount of approximately €9.7 million). The Group will also repay the 2022 Bonds in full for a principal amount of €100 million (plus early repayment fees and accrued interest representing a total amount of approximately €2.4 million) with amounts drawn under the New Facility of the New Facilities Agreement.

It is reminded that only the Selling Shareholders will receive the proceeds from the offer of the sold shares.

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