Vendor(a) - Porto norte - 40h H/F H/F


Porto, Portugal


Claudie Pierlot


Retail / Sales

Contract type

Permanent contract

Working hours


Work experience

New graduate

Job description


Join the Team Claudie and Live challenges worthy of your talent !


As a Store Manager you will be a true ambassador

 and you will embody the values of Claudie Pierlot.


#Ambition Contribute to the development and international influence of our House


#Pride Share your knowledge, your love for challenges and your passion with your team; Live and convey a strong passion for your job and our House on a daily basis


#Happiness Cultivate fun and collective success


#Responsibility Promote individual responsibility for your team members as part of a shared vision and a fulfilling work environment; Contribute to our House’s environmental commitment!


We look forward to meeting you !