In charge of Training

In 2014, Sandro and Jamie said yes to each other. Initially manager of the Sandro Men concession in Selfridges, London, he joined the Parisian headquarters 18 months later, to take part of the buying teams. His French experience continued one year later with the Visual Merchandising teams, who have turned himself into a visual merchandiser. In 2017, Jamie leaves Paris and move in New York to become Sales Manager for Sandro Homme. Since 2018, Jamie is in charge of Training back in the parisian headquarters.

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    He has the wanderlust syndrom

« Every morning, I felt I was leaving my apartment to walk into my home for the day​.​​  »

During a trip to New York for one of the collection conferences, Jamie caught the eye of Paul Griffin, CEO of SMCP North America. The American men’s ready-to-wear market needed a kickstart, so once again, Jamie said yes.

As Sales Manager for Sandro Men since January 2017, our modern-day Indiana Jones tells us about his new life at the New York head office.

“Unlike my experiences in London and Paris, where Maje and Claudie Pierlot were my allies but also my competitors, at SMCP we are one big family living under the same roof and helping each other out. The idea of a Group is enormously reassuring to customers, especially here.”

"There is a real symbiosis between me and the brand."

As both a hunter of new opportunities and a leader of actions, Jamie tells us about his everyday work, his teams and his best practices.

“Monday is office day! I analyse the results from the previous week and think about action plans. The rest of the time, I teach my teams how to sell. We have an entire collection to get rid of”

« The aim is not just to sell the bestsellers as everyone can do that, that’s why they are bestsellers right?  »

“My s​ales team is very proud to be working for a Parisian brand and the best way to feed their enthusiasm is to tell them stories about Sandro. I often show them photos of studios, inspirations, the head office, the staff, etc. It’s important for them to see behind the scenes,” concludes Jamie

Since 2018, Jamie is back in the parisian headquarters to become in charge of the Training for Sandro.

To be continued…