Senior Digital Designer

“My daily challenge is not to fall into the routine. Always be proactive.”

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    Claudie Pierlot

In digital, everything goes at speedlight, everything changes and evolves very quickly. Charline explains “what is interesting in my job is to constantly renew myself, to be curious, to be interested in what is happening, what is being made” Obsolescence can happen faster than we think. That’s why Charline always stays on top of the competition, of the new visual and creative trends. 

« You must never rest on your laurels, you must be constantly evolving. The ways of expressing oneself in graphic design are very different according to the Brand universe.  »

The creation department is the one which adds value to the digital communication tools: “we have a 360º floor connection with the shops”. This is a daily challenge for Charline which faces a constantly changing demand for performance, visibility and aesthetics. “On a daily basis, I work with all the digital team. I am in charge of all the creations of the department: customer service, CRM, social networks, traffic and finally the website. And of course, all at the same time, otherwise it would not be fun!“. 


Since her arrival 6 years ago, the department has evolved a lot. She explains “at that time, there was a small team and social networks were just beginning their climb. Nowadays, we are active on a daily basis in these media which means we need to offer a lot of animated and catchy visual contents for our customers and community. It is an essential and challenging mean of communication.” 


When I arrived at Claudie Pierlot, we were 5 at the digital departmentToday, we are 13. There is a real need.”  


Charline contributed to the digital evolution of Claudie Pierlot. What motivates her is not only the constantly increasing number of projects but also the human side and the benevolance of her colleagues. “Nowadays, Responsibility is one of the essential values of the Brand. If I haone pride lately, it would be to be part of the ClaudieCares project, which defines Claudie Pierlot’s commitments in terms of social and environmental responsibility. The aim of the project is to identify and roll out solutions in order to limit the brand’s ecological impact, without compromising the quality and the style of the pieces.” 

In terms of digital issue, it goes through the creation of different communication supports (newsletter, Instagram stories, institutional web page…) in order to inform and alert colleagues and customers. 


« At Claudie Pierlot, this commitment is bound to grow towards a more responsible ready-to-wear in years to come.  »