Digital Content Manager

On the social media, Sandro has brought together a community as large as the Mauritus Islands. Every day, more than 1, 300 000 followers interact and contribute to the brand's e-reputation. Overseeing the virtual islet is the Digital Content Manager. What is her purpose? To find the best storytelling angle, both editorially and graphically, and use it relevantly, uniquely and with character.​

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    She has a weakness for kittens

« A 360-job. 360 degrees and 360 days per year. Every time can be the right time on the social media.  »

In response to the traditional question: “Why Sandro?” Alix responded unabashedly: “I’ve been a Sandro fan since high school, so it’s starting to go back a while now (laughs)! I like the way the clothes are crafted and I find that the collections have very editorial pieces. They make you want to wear them. I’m wearing some today, as a matter of fact! “.

That enthusiasm is driven as much by the brand and by her function. She explained: “My job is a passion to me every day. It is truly all-encompassing, as I can be found creating content, planning a shoot, sharing information, and analysing traffic, all based on a very carefully thought-out digital strategy“. ​​

Digital has undergone a real transformation ever since the social media become brand platforms. In the hands of digital opinion leaders known as “influencers“, an Instagram post can affect purchasing behaviours far more massively than a dozen hard-copy magazines combined. 

« We have to give our community what it wants to see without losing our DNA (otherwise, we wouldn’t post anything but kittens!).  »

A truly job of analysis, patience and passion. She adds: “I’ve now been “shot up” with digital and spend a tremendous amount of time on the social media. It’s a very fast-moving world, with constantly-changing formats, so you have to keep up! The platforms generate revenue and that makes it even more exciting to me because I have something very businessoriented in me, behind my phone”. ​

Looking, from the heights of her island, at the path already covered, Alix confides: “The Instagram Men’s account was opened in 2017 now and has reached over 60,000 subscribers. We have created a wonderful community, when it is much harder than before to attract, build and engage people. 60,000 subscribers is no small feat! “. ​