The Art of Distinction
Fall Winter 2020




Simon & Bertrand Laufer

Creative Director

Gauthier Borsarello


Elina Kousourna

Tailoring heritage

Born in Paris in 1973, the brand settled its first workshops in the Saint-Pierre-de-Fursac village, from which it gets its name. Relaunched following the takeover of Edmond Cohen in 1990, De Fursac opened its first store in 1992, in the most iconic place of the 19th century French elegance: the "High Life Taylor," at 112 rue de Richelieu in Paris.
De Fursac Headquarters
Gauthier Borsarello - Creative Director
With a strong parisian DNA, the Brand goes through the ages, blends tailoring heritage, casual pieces and evening wear. Blending yesterday's elegance with contemporary chic, its collections reflect its own reputation: pertinent and durable.
Style, Class & Timelessness

Man's Signature

The De Fursac Man is a plural and timeless man. He is as much the man with a tailor spirit who appreciates fine materials, as the young urban looking for chic pieces.

Our lives are like films with an elusive script. And under the gaze of others, as if before a camera, we have to invent and master our appearance for every new role. Inspired by the timeless volumes and fabrics of the 1970s, De Fursac imagines beautifully flamboyant pieces ideal for making an entrance.

The De Fursac Universe

Sublimated by touches of lacquered wood, navy or brass finishes, De Fursac spaces create a cozy and warm environment. A mixture of nobility and intimacy, the spirit of the place allows the experience of a discreet, familiar and accessible luxury, that of feeling good.

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